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To offer an informative Hawaii Directory that provides information on local places to eat, where the local FUN is, how to fly to Hawaii for FREE and so much more! To make sure Big Island visitors don't miss out on all the FUN they can have Local Style! 

"It's not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness." 

Charles Spurgeon

This Directory has information on all of the Hawaiian Islands but it is mostly for the Big Island.

Your Hawaii Save A Lot Directory is over 35 pages long and includes:

  • How to go to Hawaii for FREE
  • FREE coupon books with discounts to many restaurants and tours
  • Learn how to stay in Hawaii for FREE
  • Explore special adventures that most tourists don't know about
  • Discover the best priced grocery stores and great restaurant info, with menus so you know what they charge
  • Where the 5 Star grocery stores are
  • Learn the about the wildlife like dolphins, mantra rays, and turtles
  • Discover where to find Free hula shows, Free events and FREE concerts
  • Explore different Webcams all over the Big Island that you can watch Right NOW
  • Learn how to stay in Hawaii for 3 months on $1,000
  • Find out where to go on the Big Island if you have an accident and don't need 911 
  • Easily discover incredible spiritual places all over the Big Island that most tourists don't know about
  • Explore where to camp and how to get camping permits
  • Learn how to rent baby supplies so you don't have to pack a lot of baby items
  • Be able to create a budget for your Hawaii vacation today
  • Discover sites that can help you like VASH Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii, if you get in an accident call these people VashBigIsland.org
  • Learn where to stay in Hawaii for $25, $40, $50 a night and even for FREE
  • Find an EASY map to a lot of great hiking all over the Big Island
  • Discover 2 fun Big Island, Hawaii Apps for your phone
  • Explore where the Best local hole in the wall places are
  • Discover where organicvegan and gluten free restaurants are located on the Big Island
  • Learn how to travel around the Big Island for $2
  • Discover where to park for FREE on the Big Island and how to bypass traffic in Kona saving you  time
  • Explore how to become a wwoofer worldwide, work on a local farm and have your room and board for FREE
  • Discover what the night life is like on the Big Island, along with where local hideaway bars are located
  • Learn LGBT friendly places to stay and where the LGBT bar is located 
  • Know what local events are happening so you don't miss anything while you're here
  • Discover the Best places to shop for unique Hawaiian treasures with the Lowest prices
  • Explore many reviews to restaurants, tours and places to stay so you know what others think
  • And much, much more...
  • Plus thoughts for Fun Day Trips!!

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I have created this Hawaii Directory that will tell you a lot of ways to stay on the Big Island for cheap, have local style fun, and SAVE money!

I took all the pictures that you will see in this site and in your Directory. Feel free to copy my Hawaii pictures and enjoy them.

I wish you an incredible Hawaiian adventure! 

Mahalo- Thank you for exploring my site!

Rebecca Melendez 

If you LOVE to SAVE MONEY and have unique LOCAL STYLE adventures,

this Hawaii Directory is for you!

"I think this is an awesome tool for people that didn't think they could afford to go to Hawaii. Rebecca is a personal friend and has been helping me get deals in Hawaii and now she can share her wisdom with the world."

Elvia Williams, California

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                                  City of Refugee                                                           Captain Cook Monument Kealakeakua Bay

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Waipio Valley                                 Enjoy Hawaii  Waterfalls                 Volcano Rain Forest                   Rainbow at Kilauea        The Valley of the Kings                                                                                                                                       in Volcanoes Park

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